About me


I'm a web developer with several years of experience.
Throughout my career I've worked on projects of varying scale and complexity with domestic and foreign clients.
I've worked as a part of a team and as an independent developer, both remotely and on-site.

Back-end development

Developing server-side layer of applications, building and integrating APIs.

  • Java
  • Spring Boot and other tools from Spring Framework ecosystem

Front-end development

Bringing power of modern JS-based tools into projects. Providing user interfaces and single page applications.

  • JavaScript
  • Angular / TypeScript
  • Thymeleaf

Cross-platform mobile development

Developing fully featured hybrid mobile applications.
  • Ionic Framework / Angular / Apache Cordova

Other skills

Apart from codebase I often take care of the application deployment.
I'm an everyday Linux user and I'm familiar with basic servers administration tasks.

Recently, inspired by cloud computing scalability I started to develop my cloud skills and cloud services from Amazon Web Services ecosystem in my applications.

Contact me

Feel free to mail me or send message via Linked for more details.

I'm working remotely with clients all over the world.
Currently based in Bydgoszcz, Poland (GMT+2).